A range of services that provides nation-wide connectivity to the global markets and audiences.

Broadcast extends Broadcasters reach, nationally, regionally and globally.

Reliability, experience, infrastructure and an extensive satellite selection for C and Ku Band satellite fleet make us the provider of choice for broadcasters.

Our Dubai Earth Station, one of three major facilities, has more than 20 antennae, ranging up to 32m in size.

We provide round-the-clock services via Intelsat, Arabsat, Eutelsat and Nilesat satellites, and can also provide television services via any accessible satellite.

Live Event Coverage

Whether News or Sports, viewers like to see them Live. We meet this need with Transportable and fly-away earth station terminals. These units can be deployed anywhere in U.A.E, and most international locations, providing Up/downlink services in C and Ku-Band frequencies as either SCPC or MCPC.

Digital TV Bouquet Services

Direct to Home Services, we uplink many 24-Hrs TV and Radio channels via our digital bouquet on Arabsat-3A for DTH (Direct-to-Home) viewers across Asia,Middle East and African regions.

Turn Around Services

When transmit and receive, countries are not under the footprint of single satellite: multiple satellites are engaged to reach the destination point.

Usually, two satellites are used to accomplish the task. For example, if the TV production office is in U.K and the viewers are in South Asia, we receive the feed from UK via Eutelsat satellite and uplinks via Asiasat satellite to reach South Asian viewers.

We can access many satellites covering Europe, Asia, Africa & Middle-East regions. This makes our earth stations a preferred turn-around point for transcontinental TV services.

Fiber Links

Our domestic Fiber-Optic network covers the U.A.E. based on SDH technology which supports full protection and high speed transmission up to 10Gbps. This speed supports a variety of technologies, including VPN.

We can quickly establish links from event sites throughout UAE.

ISDN/Commentary Circuits

During live sports events, interviews and TV debates, Broadcasters require 2 or 4 wire analogue circuits or digital ISDN circuits between their studio and event site.

When the satellite cannot accommodate the required audio in the satellite sub-carrier, or when two-way communication is required

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