Smart Hub
A range of services that provides nation-wide connectivity to the global markets and audiences.

Business today thrives on interconnectivity. In such an environment, SmartHub is the ideal solution for carriers & content providers delivering high performance and reliability. Beyond connectivity, SmartHub provides a smart way of delivering services with the highest levels of security and operational reliability.

Etisalat SmartHub is the innovative solution for carriers & content providers who are looking for a reliable infrastructure in the Middle East region.

Strategically located at Etisalat submarine cable landing in Fujairah, the SmartHub serves both regional and international customers through a state-of-the-art carrier hubbing facility & data centre. Smart Hub is the first in the Middle East region to provide such an extensive portfolio of partner services, including content hosting, capacity, IPX, mobile and carrier services.


The Middle East's First SmartHub

Etisalat innovative SmartHub:
  • Easy access to Etisalat extensive national and international cable systems with world class hosting facility
  • First to offer a one-stop-shop service access that connects all GCC countries, Europe and Africa
  • Largest hub in the Middle East for Internet Hub
  • First in the Middle East to offer instant and direct access to carrier grade services
  • Reliable internet exchange which allows networks, including ISPs, content providers and enterprise, to easily and effectively exchange internet traffic
  • Diverse geographical coverage with a global internet exchange platform
  • Flexible and scalable connectivity options for higher bandwidths
  • Best industry practice for peering, interconnection, accounting, technical and operational support
One - Stop - Shop for Service Providers
SmartHub offers service providers total solutions which include:
  • The Capacity Hub
  • The Content Hub
  • The IP Hub
  • The Carrier Hub

Specification Details

The Capacity Hub
The SmartHub Foundation:
  • SmartHub is based in Fujairah, the fastest growing transit hub for regional and intercontinental cable systems, providing diverse connectivity to the region
  • Most resilient cable network in the Middle East region, proving de facto hub for all carriers and partners
  • Prominent Hub for the Middle East region through extensive terrestrial cable system.
  • New cable system includes,
  • RCN (Regional cable Network)
  • Teams (The East African Marine system)
  • IMEWE (India-Middle east - Western Europe)
  • TGN Gulf
The Content Hub
Content providers meet customers...
  • First in the Middle East to offer hosting facilities for gaming, streamline video, e-commerce and social networking. SmartHub is the preferred destination for mission-critical assets of such content providers
  • First in the Middle East to offer hosting facility at the Fujairah Cable Landing Station, and provides easy access to all major international cables
  • First in the Middle East to reach major content providers
  • High performance network ecosystem bringing access to top-tier global networks; a gateway for content providers to the regional audience.
The Carrier Hub
One - stop - shop for world class services
  • Connects to the largest regional ?meet-me-room? for voice and data connectivity that links the major regional telecom Hubs around the World.
  • First in the Middle East to offer the complete range of integrated solution of cross connect & hosting facility to partners.
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